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Question: What is difference between Alipay Global and Alipay China?

Alipay Global:
Alipay Global is suitable for cross-border merchants aimed at Chinese market.
Customer pays RMB, Merchants get USD etc.(Supports 12 Currencies:USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, AUD, SGD, CHF, SEK, DKK, NOK, HKD)
Alipay China:
Alipay China is prepared for Chinese merchants.
Customer pays RMB, Merchants get RMB.

Demo: Alipay global test demo site

Please click Alipay Test Demo , this is a demo site, you can have a try.

Step 1: Obtain an Alipay Global account.

You should have a Alipay Global merchant account ( or Alipay China merchant account ) before following this tutorial.
If you don't have a merchant account, you should apply for one from the Alipay offcial website. Contact Alipay business support directly when you meet some issues.

Alipay Global:
Visit Alipay Global website and apply the Online Payment product. you will need to input your email address and then verify it, setup your login password and pay password.
You will need to prepare Alipay Global Parnter ID and Parnter Key. Follow this tutorial after you get them.

Alipay China:
你需要准备好你的支付宝账户的邮箱、Parnter ID(即PID,合作伙伴身份)Parnter Key(即MD5密钥),稍后需要填写在我们的支付App中.
如何获取参见: https://docs.open.alipay.com/58/103544

Step 2: Install Alipay App.

1.Please click Alipay App , Enter your shopify store to install the App

Install Payment App

2. Install Alipay App

Install Alipay Global

3. Approve charge


4. Open Alipay App

Open Alipay Global

Step 3: Set your information at Alipay App and Shopify Store background.

Alipay Global:
Input your Alipay Global Partner ID and Partner Key in Alipay Global App background and Click "Save Information" Button, Then visit your Shopify Store background, Input your Shopify Gateway key and Gateway Password in Shopify Store background and Click "Save" Button.

Alipay Global And Shopify Set

Alipay China:
进入 Alipay App ,在左侧菜单的 Shopify 下的 Alipay China ,填入你的支付宝邮箱帐号、Parnter ID、Parnter Key 然后点击保存按钮.
(如果你勾选了Is Test,我们将把支付金额锁定在0.01元供你测试订单,上线务必取消勾选).
最后你需要把下面生成的 Gateway key 和 Gateway Password 填入到你的 Alipay China 支付网关处并保存.
Shopify默认没有 Alipay China 网关选项,请点击这里安装Alipay China网关.

Alipay China And Shopify Set

Step 4: Try Alipay Checkout.

Go Through Order Proccess, At checkout step

Alipay-Payments checkout

Step 5: Check Transaction History.

You can check your transaction through your Alipay App background

Alipay-Payments checkout

Step 6: FAQ.


Step 7: How to uninstall the Alipay App, If you don't want to use and termination of the monthly fee.

How to uninstall the Alipay App